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JettStream: We know childhood asthma

We at JettStream understand how hard it is to manage childhood asthma. Perhaps the toughest part, especially with younger children, is the daily nebulizer treatment. That's why we created the JettPak, the first and only product that is designed to help administer nebulizer treatments to children while they are sleeping. JettPak has been proven in the lab to effectively deliver the medicine, and it has been verified by moms to help reduce asthma-related emergency room visits.


JettStream is helping parents...

JettStream provides free online resources for parents of asthmatic children. JettEducation is a one-stop information database for parents who want to learn more about childhood asthma. JettCommunity provides a digital forum for the asthma community, where parents of asthmatic children can share their knowledge, their stories and their experience. And our Asthma Education Blog offers insight, observations, and advice from JettStream President and Co-Founder, Sarah Cota, as she manages the asthma of her own son, Jett. that parents can help their asthmatic children

In 2010, over 10 million American children had been diagnosed with asthma. JettStream wants to help improve the lives of every one of them. By putting the information and equipment in the hands of those who need it — parents and caregivers — we hope to reduce the number of asthma attacks and emergency room visits for children everywhere.

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Asthma Information for Parents

ForAsthmaParents4Has your child just been diagnosed? Want to learn more? Visit the JettEducation page for a crash course on childhood asthma.
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Asthma Information for Doctors

For-DoctorsJettStream provides a library of free, printable childhood asthma information brochures for doctors and clinicians to keep on-hand for their patients. Learn More...

Latest Post: Asthma Education Blog

Five things you might not know about childhood asthma
When my son Jett was first diagnosed with childhood asthma, I knew absolutely nothing about it. Like many parents in the same situation, I underwent trial by fire. After enough asthma attacks and emergency room visits — along with hours spent behind Google — I had become my son's impromptu, in-home respiratory therapist. Looking back on those first months, there were quite a few asthma facts that surprised me: 1) Asthma is more common than you might think. I think few people realize how common childhood asthma is. In the United States 9% of all children have been diagnosed — that's nearly 1 in 10 kids! 2) An inhaler alone doesn't "fix" asthma. There is no single solution for treating childhood asthma. In addition to the iconic puffer t...
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