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JettStream creator of JettPak and the premiere source of information on children with asthma

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The first nebulizer accessory that delivers asthma medicine to children while they are asleep.
No fuss, no fight and no hassle means your child gets more medicine when it's needed.
JettPak helps your child breathe easy so you can, too.

Nebulizer treatments can be scary

nebulizer-treatmeants-can-be-scary-for-childrenAny parent of an asthmatic child knows that nebulizer treatments can be a nightmare. For the toddler, they can be scary, uncomfortable or tedious, and he or she may struggle or simply refuse to cooperate. The parent can force treatment, traumatizing everyone in the process and lessening the effectiveness of the dose: the medicine cup may spill, or the child's increased respiration may result in shallow breathing, reducing penetration of the medicine. Or the parent can simply skip the treatment and avoid the trauma, but this may put the child at risk for an asthma attack.

Because it's so difficult to use a nebulizer with young children, some doctors recommend that children — especially infants — receive their treatment via the mouthpiece "blow by" method while they are asleep. The child won't struggle, and the medicine is better absorbed into the lungs because the breathing is slow and deep.

But nebulizers are simply not made for patients who are lying down. The medicine cup must remain upright while the mouthpiece is somehow positioned so that the mist can enter the sleeping child's airway. And using a mask is impractical on a sleeping child. Even if the "blow by" method is used successfully, it's difficult to hold the cup upright and keep the mouthpiece steady for the ten to fifteen minutes required for a dose. So what's a parent to do?

JettPak makes nebulizer treatments a whole lot easier

jettpak sleepingIntroducing JettPak, the first and only product that is designed to help administer nebulizer treatments to children while they are sleeping. JettPak is a hands-free and mask-free nebulizer accessory that helps to make nebulizer treatments easier for you and your child. JettPak, itself, is not a nebulizer, but it works with every nebulizer on the market, and it can be attached to a variety of bedside surfaces found in a home or a hospital. JettPak's adjustable arm can be moved to accommodate a child who is sleeping in any position. Inside the arm is a disposable, medical-grade plastic tube that carries the medicated mist to the child's airway. JettPak quick to set up, easy to use and it works.

Key features of JettPak:
  • JettPak is child-friendly. The mechanical delivery arm can be moved to any position to accommodate a sleeping child. A mask-less delivery means there is less likelihood that a child will fight the treatment when awake, or wake up when asleep. Because there is less resistance, treatment times are generally shorter.
  • JettPak is parent-friendly. It can be positioned to accommodate a child sleeping in any position. Once positioned, JettPak is hands-free, which means less room for positioning error during the ten- to fifteen-minute delivery and more time to engage in other close-at-hand tasks. You could browse the web, read a book, or catch up on laundry.
  • JettPak is medicine-friendly. With less chance of positioning error and a medicine cup that remains upright 100% of the time, the child gets more of the medicine. Independent lab testing has shown that JettPak is just as effective – and in some cases more effective – than other nebulizer treatment methods such as "blow by" or a face mask.

JettPak's usefulness isn't limited to asthma patients. It can also help to treat patients with cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema and other respiratory diseases. Any time a nebulizer treatment is required, but the patient cannot remain awake and upright, JettPak can allow a clinician, caregiver, or family member to effectively treat the patient without disturbances.

When will JettPak be available for purchase?

JettPakJettPak is still in the prototype phase, and we will be spending the rest of 2012 fine-tuning it. We hope to release the finished product in 2013. Our patents are pending, and we have already conducted tests at Bend Research, in which JettPak passed efficacy standards with flying colors. All that's left now is to finish conducting real-world application trials. Currently, we're preparing to begin clinical trials at Bend Memorial Clinic in Bend, Oregon. When we finish, we hope to have a polished and parent-tested product that will be ready to sell to the public, directly from the JettStream website.

Stay tuned...

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